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League of Legends Improving your gameplay

I’ll show you guys here a few tips and a bit about my journey of becoming a better player in league of legends (LOL) which is definitely something most of you want to do.

First things first I’m a challenger player in all brackets however like anyone else I started as a simple bronze 5 or even before that when my elo was so low I’d feel like I was playing versus bots, there was literally nothing more frustrating than that ever! but anyways after time passed and I decided I wanted to stop with all that and just get on with what I KNEW I had to do then it all started to change.

lol lessons coaching and winsSometimes there’s nothing worse than encountering yourself with players which put you down because of your gameplay even if they are far worse than you, which is precisely why I wanted to end that horrid state I was in.

SO what did I do? I got the best LoL coaching I could possibly find and it was definitely something that changed my life as league player. You see when I first got the lesson I realized of everything I was doing wrong, many things I never EVER even thought about, many mechanics that when they were pointed out to me as I was getting the coaching they made a lot of sense, I couldn’t believe how many things were going on during the game that I was missing EVERY SECOND…. So that was frustrating and eye opening to realize that there was a LONG way for me to go through before I could even grasp the concept of becoming a better player.

Funny thing is that I spent a lot of time blaming team-mates and everything when in reality most of what went wrong could have been avoided had I just been a better player myself. And as a friend that at the time was a challenger while I was a bronze told me “your team can be utter garbage that if you are good enough you’d be able to carry them to victory” and it was definitely true.

We see this when people are doing a quick Elo Boost ; and before you throw bags of burning poop at me for even mentioning that activity then bear with me for a second. So just put yourself in the place of the elo booster,  he gets an account with a really low rating like silver 4 and then he takes it WITHIN DAYS to diamond 5 to 1. Now think about this for a little bit, IF  the elo booster is good enough to do all that, to go through the elo hell WITHOUT having to lose every single game all the time, he literally carries the team of bad players that are with him, or with Duo queue boosting as well you see the big players, the big guys just literally taking every single game to a victory.

So… conclusions… IF you happen to be one of the persons that blame your team for losing while you do EVERYTHING good and you still lose, then you are horribly, tremendously and painfully mistaken, the reality is that you are horrible at the game and you should just accept it and get Coaching lessons, end of the story, they will literally tell you STEP BY STEP everything that you are doing wrong within seconds, they will point out things so painfully obvious that you will feel embarrassed that you are even doing them without realizing it. If an elo booster is taking people to the VERY TOP and he does the right thing all the time, then you are NOT a good player that could do the same as him, period!

Accept, Work, Fix…

learn how to play league of legends the right way

Another thing is that to learn the game you have to know every single champion in every single role with every single little modification possible so I advise you to get a brand new smurf account, just go and search for max level lol account Elitist Gaming and get your smurf account to practice and to learn while not sacrificing your precious rating and divisions and whatever.


Remember, it all starts with a simple click into the best game of the world – League of Legends Don’t think it twice and become a professional player!

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