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casting day we met Gina Gerson

The one and Only Gina Gerson

So first things first, we started looking for models to go along with our film and the one that sticked out was definitely Gina Gerson, she’s been the greatest in many many roles and has definitely won a title in our minds because of how good she is in her modeling and acting career, definitely someone to keep in mind when you are looking for models to audition to your films.


Gina Gerson Videos


We found her through several videos and pictures online and we thought she was most definitely a perfect fit for our crew, certainly someone we wanted to work with and to show up in the big and small screen when we started filming all this sets and everything.













We learned that to get to her we had to contact some form of agency and learn a lot more about her, and we did at My Escape Velocity for sure because they provided us with so much information about her, and not just random information I’m talking about valuable information.

You can visit her directly here at Gina Gerson to get to know her more than what you already do or if you didn’t know her at all then there you go, it’s something you shouldn’t miss out most definitely as she’s one if not the only model that will act flawlessly under any given situation.


She’s remarkable and someone you should look out for in the near future if you are planning on getting into acting or modeling or anything like that because this industry is full of young talent such as Gina.


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